Port terminal Lesport is opened for navigation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
As company managing multifunctional port equipment, Port Lesport S.A. provides the whole spectrum of port services:

  • reception, storage and dispatch of cargo;
  • loading and discharging cargo from vessels, railcars and trucks;
  • supplementary services - cargo sorting, wagon fumigation, container stuffing and unstuffing, etc.

Port terminal Lesport has three berths with total length of 450m. There is a possibility 4 ships to be moored alongside.

  • berth 1- length 130m and max. allowed draft: 4.70m, with fenders – 5.00m.
  • berth 2 - length 180m (from the corner with 1 km north) and max. allowed draft : 9.10m.
  • berth 3 - length 140m (from 180m. to 320m.) and allowed draft:
    - from 180 m to 230 m - draft 9.00 m.
    - from 230 m to 250 m - draft 8.90 m.
    - from 250 m to 280 m – draft 7.40 m.
    - from 280 m to 300 m – draft 6.10 m.
    - from 300 m to 320 m – draft 3.10 m.

Maximum draft in the aquatory of port Lesport is regulated by order of Director of Executive agency “Maritime administration”- Varna.

Port facilities
Port Lesport total area is 124,000 square meters.
Port terminal has 2200 sq. m. covered storage area and more than 50 000 sq. m. open storage area.
Wharf handling operations are performed with five Electric Gantry Cranes, which carrying capacity is up to 10 tons and two high-speed Mobile Harbour cranes. Open storage area is operated by special Rail Mounted Stacking Crane with carrying capacity up to 10 tons. Its rail gauge of 63 meters makes it unique for Bulgaria, allowing fast movement of vehicles under the crane, enough space for maneuvering and high operational efficiency.
Full range of handling activities is supported by large variety of mobile mechanization. Motor trucks and fork lifts with various carrying capacities, as well as high qualified personnel, are capable to satisfy all client’s preferences and needs.

We offer our client opportunity for quantitative control over cargo with three truck weighbridges and one rail weighbridge.
Reliability of data is guaranteed thanks to periodical control and check-up.

Type of equipment Mark Quantity Capacity
Electric Gantry Cranes Kirovets 5 10.0 t
Rail Mounted Stacking Crane Abus 1 10.0 t
Mobile crane Sennebogen 2 15.0 t
Wheel loader Volvo 4400 1 5.0 t
Wheel loader Volvo L90 2 5.0 t
Wheel loader Caterpillar 1 5.0 t
Mini loader Daewoo DSL 902 1 1.3 t
Forklift DV 1661 2 1.0 t
Forklift Herku HTM60 2 6.0 t
Forklift Linde H 30D 2 3.0 t
Forklift Svetruck 1060 2 10.0 t
Forklift Svetruck 1560 2 15.0 t
Telescopic forklift Р 34.7 1 3.0 t
Diesel engine 52-00 2 650 h.p.
Bunker for bulk cargoes   1  
Grapple buckets for bulk materials and scrap   14  
Exchangeable grapples   10  
Platform wagons   4  
Tank wagon   1  
Wagon weighbridge   1 100 t
Truck weighbridge   1 60 t
Truck weighbridge   1 90 t

Services for the ships
Port Lesport S.A., within its territory provides to vessels a series of direct services and at the same time regulates the performance of other services through third parties.

The main services provided to the ships arriving in the port Lesport are:

  • mooring and unmooring;
  • power supply;
  • fresh water supply;
  • internet wireless account;
  • fire precaution from shore and so on.

Services for the cargos
Existing port equipment gives opportunity to be handled:

  • all types of bulk cargo – grail bulk, slag, scrap, timber, coal, etc.;
  • all types of general cargo - pallets, big bags, slings, bags, packets, ingots, rolls, bundles, coils, cans, etc.;
  • vegetable food liquid products;
  • biodiesel 100% pure;
  • containers and ro-ro cargo.

Location and access
Port terminal Lesport is situated on the north shore of the Varna Lake, 10 km west of the Saint Nikola light - house and very close to the city of Varna.
As a part of Port Varna, terminal Port Lesport has strategic importance, linking the other Black sea counties with Bulgaria and European Union.

Sea access
Sea access of vessels calling port Lesport is through Channel №1 to the Varna Lake. Channel №1 has draft 11.50m and maximal permissible air draft is 41.75m.
The Channel trip varies between 40 and 80 minutes depending on the vessel. Vessels usually take one tugboat for the Channel passage. After the Channel there are 5 miles to the Port Lesport on Varna Lake.

Road connection
Port Lesport has easy and convenient connections to the national road network. First class road provides the connection with Hemus highway Varna - Sofia (A2). Less than 10km away is international road E87, connecting Varna with Constanta (Romania) to the north and Burgas and Turkey to the south.

Railway transport
Railway access to the port Lesport passes through Ezerovo railway station, Varna. Industrial railway links connect all wharfs with the rail station and national rail network. Railway waggons cross the terminal over six lines situated accordingly separated areas for storage and expedition of cargo.

ж.п.връзки- карта

Admission regime
In accordance with going access control regime in the port we issue permission card for individuals and for vehicles. The permission cards are issued after submitting an application form in Port administration office. Application forms are as follows:

The permission cards are chargeable in accordance with current Tariff of Port Lesport. Depending on their color permission cards give right for access to definite zone, accordingly the requirements of ISPS Code.

The permission cards are valid for a certain period and are issued for individuals, companies and organizations, whose business is connected with services to ships and cargo in the port.

Access to vessels (green area) is permitted after confirmation by Border Police or after submission of a permission card for green area issued by Port Varna. If a person has issued permission card from Port Varna, it is possible to activate it into the system of Port Lesport, having previously completed the above mentioned application form and paid the "Activate existing magnetic card."

It is necessary the submission of applications for issuance (activation) of permission cards to be done promptly (24 hours before arrival of the ship) because of the need for technological processing time and introduction into the system for access control.

For more information, please contact with Port Security Officer – Shterio Shterev.
Phone: ++359 52 730 111
Fax: ++359 52 730 112
Mobile: ++359 885 899 492
E-mail: [email protected]

or with Shift manager on duty (from 16.30 PM to 08.00 AM)

Phone: +359 52 730 113
Mobile: +359 885 899 484

Security officer on duty
Mobile: +359 884 666 678
Mobile: +359 884 666 679

Close collaboration with Customs is essential for efficient operations in the port. In order to avoid territorial remoteness and reduce processing time, there is Customs border office in the Port. Customs regulations are applied flexible, contributing to the timely processing of ships and cargo.

As an EU port, Lesport offers the possibility of paying import duties on goods from non-EU countries as soon as they arrive in the country.

The goods can be placed in the customs warehouse in the port with deferment of payment of indirect taxes, or delivered straight to consignees in other EU countries

Code: 2006
Name: Varna Port Lesport check point
Type: Customs point
Address: Port Lesport, West industrial zone, Varna
Phones: +359 (0) 52 571 530
Еmail: [email protected]
Working time: round the clock