Port Lesport S.A. was established on 15-th of March 2005 with Resolution of Regional Court of Law in Varna. It is a shareholding company and major share holder owning 99 % of the capital is Chimimport AD.

In May 2005 was carried out one-stage non- presents contest for choosing of concessionaire of Port terminal Lesport- part of Port for public transport with national importance-Varna. With Resolution №448 by Council of Ministers, Port Lesport S.A. was approved for concessionaire of port terminal Lesport- part of Port for public transport with national importance-Varna.

On 8-th of June 2005 has been signed Concession contract for 30 years period.

The Concession contract comes into force on 30-th of May 2006.

History of the terminal Lesport
Port terminal Lesport has been built in 1973 as specialized terminal for handling of timber imported from the former Soviet Republic Komi. Later terminal specialized as a multipurpose for general and dry bulk cargoes. The terminal operated under state authority of the Ministry of transport of Bulgaria till 2006.

Enlargement plan
With an eye to improve port operational capability, increase effectiveness of handling operations, growth in cargo turnover and implementation of obligation, taken as per Concession Contract, in 2006-2008 Port Lesport S.A. invested in new loading equipment, office equipment, renovation of warehouses, road and railway network.

Code of Practice
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Sequrity/ ISPS
Port Lesport has a global security plan developed in accordance with the requirements of International Ship and Security Code (ISPS Code) and the relevant European Directives.

Port Lesport posses Certificate for compliance with requirements of Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS and Regulation 53/2004 for Conditions and order to achieve ship’s security in ports.

The Port posses working Security plan, approved for processing the following ships:

  • cargo high speed craft;
  • bulk carrier;
  • oil tanker;
  • cargo ships other than those referred above.

Port Security Plan is in compliance with EC Directive 2005/65 and scrutinizes all the sensitive points within the terminal. In order to improve access control and security within the port, in 2007 was launched an audio-visual system for monitoring and control, as well as an electronic access system.

Port security is under supervision of the Port Security Council, which includes representatives from Port Lesport Authorities, Port Security Officer, Maritime Administration’s Executive Agency, Custom Agency, State Agency for National Security, Ministry of Interior, etc.